Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Airing me laundry on International Women's Day...

hello luvs, it's a bright one here in Spain this morning, and it's a special day for us ladies, airing our laundry in public. I've been doing that meself for quite a while but lately people are starting to perk up and take notice - well, anyone spreads it about enuff yer'll soon get seen and heard. So my advice for us all today is to get out and about and make some noise. Women tied to kitchen sinks can swap places with men in board rooms (or is it bored rooms ?)

I don't know, the state of the world ...but I'm looking on the bright side. There's a nice breeze and my pyjamas should get nicely aired. What more is there ? Tea, laundry, a bit of work and a lot more rest. Everyone goes so fast.... what about the sunshine and roses ?

I'll be writing a bit more when I get the hang of this technical mullarky - in my day we just had plastic cups against the neighbour's wall if we wanted to hear the latest. All this fancy global networking, isn't it amazing ?! To think that someone in Japan can hear me ? I have been told I've got a loud voice but I didn't know it'd go that far. P'raps I'll swap me winciette for a silk kimono - I wonder if it would suit me ? I've always thought of meself as a bit of a zen master - I like arranging flowers.
Slow it down luvs and have a nice day, luv doris x

p.s. read me poem over a cuppa and visit me website for more tea and biscuits -


It's International Women's Day, Wednesday 8th of March,
A time for us to join our hearts and form a mighty arch,
A brightly coloured rainbow, with gold and green and blue,
White and black and brown ones, red and yellow too,
Enormous cauldrons boiling, aprons big and wide
Are circling the Universe, we can stand in pride.
Women who clean nappies, dry the pouring tears,
Sing in gentle harmony and go beyond their fears,
To give protection to their tribes, cook on open fires,
Or in high-heeled business suits, send messages down wires,
To form a global family, a truly human race,
Where there's no competition, just love and peace in grace.
So let's give praise to womanhood, and bow in reverence,
To the goodness we can bring with wholesome common sense;
Sew and knit, cook and clean, live, love and laugh,
And in the board rooms drop the label of the weaker half.
In connection with the mother who has given birth,
Women, we are life-givers, from the holy Earth.
No time left for jealousies, comparisons or hate,
It's time to have a party - before it's all too late.
So, come on girls, let's join in love, our lipstick and our heart,
The way forward is to know that we are ALL a part
Of sisterhood, humanity and we can help the men
To stop their wars and power plays and learn to love again.
It will require humility and willingness to be
Open, trusting, brave and bold, but there are those you see
Who've gone before us, paved the way, for us to live in light,
So sparkle, dance and celebrate - make the future bright !
Join with me and raise your cup, we've known it all along,
That beauty is inside of us, and we are very strong.
One man in a thousand will follow other men,
Nine hundred ninety-nine are following women,
So be the leaders of your pack, in service and with love,
Paint a heart on office doors or on yer oven glove,
Dry all tears and banish pain, no longer be forlorn,
Sew the seeds of harmony and peace will be reborn.
Don't be too emotional, it's not the way to heal,
Join with other sisters, we're all cogs in this wheel -
Turning to the future, the lives of those to come,
So make your home a happy one, and let your life be fun !
If you need a hand to hold when times are very hard,
Form a women's circle or write to me - the bard !
I'm churning out these ditties, writing all alone,
But I know all I've got to do is just pick up the phone -
Share my woes or laugh a while with a loving friend,
Be a giver to the world - let's help it all to mend.
Starting with our families, go beyond the past,
Every day is special - help this one to last -
The message of the 8th of March is: Women don't just cry,
They weep for our humanity when the earth's burnt dry.
So all you men who love us - Join us ! Do your part -
Plant a garden, water it - a flower in your heart.

luv doris x

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