Tuesday, December 22, 2009



With all this globally warmed snow, it's a wonder anyone's
got time to stuff a turkey - I haven't that's for sure, far too busy
stuffing meself into six layers of thermal pants.
Any road up, let's look after our planet while
there's still enough heat to bake yer mince pies.


Someone said in Africa elephants won’t move,
Til you kick ’em up the arse, when it’s time to prove
Who’s the boss, largest trunk, herder of big tribe,
Leading to fresh water so they can imbibe,
But once on the caravan it’s too hard to stop,
Ev’rything makes way - forest, field and crop,
So although Copenhagen treaty’s very weak,
Whilst poorest nations still play hide and seek,
Some plastic tractor wends its brittle way,
Keeping China fumigating to the USA,
Elephantine millions stood up and marched,
Wind-power champions before earth’s parched,
Peaceful petitions flew in cyber space,
Desmond the Nobel setting up new pace,
Personally appealing to the greater good,
Stop chopping Amazon for a bit of wood !
Vigils all over, calling for what’s fair,
Binding pollutants from fouling our air.
Meanwhile, snowstorms fell right on cue,
Two degrees hotter ? P’raps for a few -
Railed channel tunnel stuck overnight,
Old folk and children had such a fright,
Ice and hail stones kept frozen North,
But Santa’s reindeer still stride forth -
Carols and mincemeat, red furry hat,
Cards from old friends fall on yer mat,
Parties and puddings, pastry and pies,
(Most of which ends up stuck on yer thighs),
Discos and glitter, nuts and mulled wine,
After the Solstice, twinkle stars shine,
Tinsel and Turkey, perfectly formed,
With crisp roast potatoes, globally warmed,
Let’s care for our planet - but just watch out
For greenhouse gas from that brussel sprout !

Merry Christmas everyone !
Luv doris x


Sunday, December 06, 2009



Hey up luvs
I've not chin-wagged for a while cos I've been up to me knee bandage in dementia one way or t'other. Not easy is it ? Us carers have to keep tabs on everything - how much steradent is left ? Is the laundry done ? What about them pills he's s'posed to take and forgets, until he swallows two lots at once and then his blood's too thin - What a to-do ! No wonder I haven't time to write a blooming blog. Here's a little ditty for now. Goodness knows when I'll re-surface fully, but I'll do me best to send you all flowers next Valentine. Meanwhile Happy Christmas !


People often say to me “What on earth is that ?”
Soaking wet and dirty, like a drowning rat,
But when softly fluffy, apricot and white,
She’s the perfect pooch, wouldn’t ever bite.
I reply “special breed” calling her my “Toodle”,
Pure West Highland Terrier jumbled up with Poodle,
Deepest black eyes ever seen in that coochie face,
Little legs flying, greyhounds she’d out-race.
Bounces up to greet me like a coiled spring,
Just to see her smiling makes my poor heart sing.
Lately she’s been leading to the old folks’ home,
(Maybe cos straight afterwards I give her a bone?),
No I reckon she knows more, I can only glimpse,
Unfailing compassion to the one who limps,
Cancer-riddled, nearing death, lungs barely wheeze,
But when he spied Trixie, life became a breeze !
Grinning ear to ear, gently stroking fur,
I swear if she was a cat I would hear her purr,
Panting, sharing private jokes with her deepest love,
Preparing for onward travel up to stars above,
Oscar, Eddie, Bernard too and dear Charlie boy,
For all four of them, playing smart decoy,
Tricked into forgetting all about their pain,
Grieving loss, misfortune, living in the rain,
Teaching present moment peace from purest joy,
And for me does the same, she’s my favourite toy,
Dressing up as Reindeer or Hawaian dolly,
Antlers, Santa coat and hat, flower garland jolly.
Qualified as PAT dog, hospital her scene,
Long as she’s kept sparkling (and her bottom clean!)
Welcomed into hospice giving staff a lift,
Weary after night hours working a hard shift.
Yesterday old Eddie passed, peaceful at the end,
But I know she did her best, helped his heart to mend,
Blessed him with her comfort between tears and muddle,
Never doubt the healing power of a doggy cuddle.

Luv doris, the new age guru x
Email: doristlc@hotmail.com

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