Tuesday, February 24, 2009



Hello luvs

It's been a whole year I've been silent - well, chatting a lot, but mainly over me garden fence rather than through cyberspace. It's generally more comfy for those of us who live in slippers. I read that a snail can sleep for three years, so I'm doing quite well waking up this early. Any road up, it's been that time of year hasn't it ? Husbands buy flowers, everyone sends cards with question marks, but mostly it's from the other half so not very exciting really. I like to remember them that haven't got any one to love 'em - the lonely and the weak, p'raps the other half has gone before 'em - well, me poem says it all really. Let's look after them - we'll all be old one day.

happy days, luv doris x


Fizzy pop and chocolate decorated hearts,

Bandages and plastered legs, dribble, someone farts!

Matron in a shower cap, Manager's red nose,

Hazel who is nearly ninety strikes a funny pose,

Fluffy waistcoat, patent shoes, jokes about her teeth,

On the outside all made up but what's underneath

Is a fighting spirit, only laughing at it all,

In the Old Folks' home this week we just had a ball.

Sound of Music, Mary Poppins, words we can't forget,

Supercalifragilistic, look we're not dead yet !

People think you can ignore us behind quiet doors,

Neatly washed while someone's apron disinfects the floors,

Spoon-fed tenderly, a daughter sang a little tune,

Over the Rainbow, why not fly me to the moon ?

It's the magic places we can feel between the words,

That's what makes a difference, delicate as birds.

Elderly and vulnerable, but their angels' wings,

Are much closer to the surface untrapped by such things

As pleasantries or how d'you do, masks of sheer pretense,

They have gone beyond all that, muttering nonsense,

But if you will dare to listen to the truth they say,

You will see the method in their madness - yesterday

I just met a lady with a twinkle in her eye,

She was tiny like a star in the nighttime sky,

Searching for the hidden meaning, while she understands,

All there is to really know held between our hands,

Whispering, we sang a song of the Silent Night,

Peacefully caressing all the places of sheer fright,

Lilies scented, teddy bears and a tiny rose,

Which I left upon her table, hopefully she knows,

Though we'd never met before, with her hand in mine,

Ev'ry broken heart just needs a Funny Valentine.

Belting it out at top volume, Catherine enquired

"Are we doing a recording?" - what a shot she fired !

Sharp and witty, on the ball, brought me down to size,

Behind their dementia, they are very wise,

So don't saddle them with labels or inject with pills,

Don't complain about the time it takes and all the bills,

Find the places of connection and before they've gone,

Understand that we're not separate, there's only one,

To discover better ways we can truly live,

Open up your heart to love, and then please just give !

These are lessons I have learnt from my little dog,

She has guided me along through the snow and fog,

Brought me to the place she lives in, when I'm in a muddle,

Heals my pain with boundless love and a gentle cuddle,

Plays at being very silly, adorned with her flowers,

Licks my nose to transmit all her ancient special powers,

A reminder that those to inherit are the meek,

So let's have another happy funny loving week.

luv doris, the new age guru x


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