Sunday, March 18, 2007



For all the women of the world - in celebration of Mothers’ Day.


Here's a special ditty to let you girls all know,
That I am gunning for you 'cos I love you so.
There's fun inside the ladies, and openness in hearts,
And with fancy brassieres we're special jam tarts,
Sweet upon the outside, cherries on the top,
But if someone interferes, we'd give 'em the chop !
Woman's here for honouring, beauty, bold and bright,
Bringing Mother wisdom to the earth with light.
So take care upon the road where yer journey leads,
And make sure you all can get enough space for your needs,
Time to sit in silence, meditate and pray,
It might just be a precious moment on the lav each day !
Somewhere in great privacy, help you hold yer own,
Shed a teardrop or just get some quiet time alone.
Life out there's so busy, people want yer time,
And some streets are full of hatred, violence and crime -
Never mind, let's send healing, joyful with our love,
And for your protection, wear an oven glove !
When it all gets much too hot or angry voices rise,
March into the kitchen and bake some apple pies,
Scrub the oven, mop the floor, wipe the damage out,
Then put on some jolly music, sing and jump about !
Let yer voices all be heard, not a timid mouse,
It's time for pinny power to come out of the house.
Let the world know mother's strong, with her sacred womb,
And let's have a real good laugh before we reach the tomb !

luv doris, the new age guru x

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